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High Quality Premium Beef

We at Hillside Beef place a high value on offering our neighbors throughout Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas the high-quality, premium beef that we raise on our own land. Our property and storefront are located just outside Elkins, Arkansas (southeast of Fayetteville in Washington County).

From our farm to your table, our meat is USDA-certified, packaged beef sold by the pound. Our cattle are humanely raised on the farm, where they are grass-fed and grain-finished. Our beef is hormone and antibiotic-free.

Whether purchasing ground beef for an amazing family casserole or filet mignon for a special occasion, you will find our beef is second to none. We sell custom custom-cut packages or by-the-piece. You can also purchase a half or quarter beef when available.

Brand New Baby Calves

Two of the many calves born this past April. They will stay with their mother for nearly 7 months and then release to the grass fields when they are 600-700lbs for another 5 months before finishing on grain.

Half Wagyu Calf

This is one of many half Wagyu calves we have.

Full Wagyu Cow

This full Wagyu cow is sitting with another calf. She has not had any babies yet.

Finishing Steers

These 12 month old steers are being fed by our automatic feeders which dispense grain 4 times a day. They have unlimited access to hay/grass and water.